Aroma ~

How do I describe that fragrance?

I can’t find no exact words.

It’s a fleeting moment of eternity , for, when i smell 

It takes me to my magical world.

It’s a “flashback” moment of those beautiful memories,

Memories created by you and me!

I take in deep breaths 

And, Try to take it all in me,

Make it last for infinity 

But, we have to give what we take. 


Falling into your reminiscence,

is a beautiful pleasure,

That intoxicate my senses.

You are my most precious treasure! 


First blog post

Hey everyone. This is my first blog and I’m hoping I make some progress in it !

I created this blog just to express some of my view and feelings on miscellaneous things.

Hope you guys can time-pass with my writing.

Happy Reading 🙂

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